The curious case

February 14, 2019

Project 2 - Treasure chest

The assignment: create a treasure chest.

What I made: a Pelican case, which we use at my workplace* to hold all of our cameras and fancypants equipment.

pelican case

Hey, it's treasure to me.

* Come to the Media Center!

Here’s my entirely animated animation that I animated using animation:

No, seriously:

It also opens!

I’m actually very fortunate to have picked the Pelican case as my “treasure chest.” I thought I was just being clever, but turns out:

open pelican case full of foam padding

* How about those labels? I took hi-resolution photos of a real Pelican case’s stickers (using a fancypants DSLR - the treasure we keep inside another Pelican case!), isolated them in Photoshop, and then inserted them into the scene as image planes. Those image planes aren’t actually attached to the model - they’re just floating, like, one pixel above the face of the lid. Cheating? Maybe. Expel me!

My case is far from perfect - there are plenty of details I couldn’t figure out how to model, or decided it wasn’t worth it:

And after all is said and done - I mean, come on. That’s a Pelican case. Like it just is.

All of my images are here, but here are a few for the road:

pelican case model on a table

pelican case model open