Look, employers, I'm productive, too!



Data Dump | Link

#disrupting the bathroom with the world’s first IoT toilet paper. Data Dump is revolutionary (because the toilet paper spins). Made at PennApps - this won Best Humor Hack and I received a George Foreman grill for my troubles.

Busco | Link

A utility for search-and-rescue parties that maintains a shared list of visited locations. There’s an Android app, a server / JSON API, and a web map viewer made using node.js, Ajax, and the Google Maps API. Made at Hoya Hacks - this won second place in the software track!

Just Dance for a Myo | Github | Devpost

A version of Just Dance (<3) that runs in a web browser and uses a Myo armband for motion tracking.

Frolfer | Link | Github

A web app for frisbee golf scorekeeping. Uses Vue.js.

Airpnp | Github | Screenshot

A catalog and ratings website for bathrooms at W&M. Uses Django.

Most Bootylicious Senator | Link | Github

A completely 100% serious hot-or-not website. Uses Ruby on Rails. Due to the Heroku hosting, you might have to refresh the page on your first visit to get it to show up.

Unified Democracy | Link

This is a PAC that I led a complete front-end rewrite for.


I have released one mod, Gold In Them Thar Hills: Download | Github

I’ve also written Japanese localizations for… Galacticraft | Quark | Hooked



Selected videos: Latch | a very uh | Casanova | The Ception