Adam An

My name

My name is Adam An. My first name is Adam [ædəm] and my last name is An [æn] - it sounds like “Anne”. I use he/him pronouns.

My legal first name is Zeal [zil] - or, if you have the feel-fill merger like I do, [zɪl]. Because of this, my personal username is theycallmezeal or tcmzeal on various places across the Internet.

Otherwise, I hardly use the name Zeal. I publish as Adam An; please refer to me as Adam.

Frequently asked questions

Where did Zeal come from?

I truthfully have no idea, but I’m not the first Asian-American person to have an unusual English name.

Why’d you start going by Adam?

Because I like it! I got it from a little-known Cartoon Network show called My Gym Partner’s A Monkey when I was in second grade. By high school I started using it in a few circles after discovering the convenience of not having to spell or explain your name every time. I switched over entirely the day I started college.

Do you have a middle name?

Ryan. I never use this in practice, but it’s what I’ve decided I’ll put on the form if I ever change my name legally. There’s no significance to it other than the fact that I like that it ends in an A and a nasal. Other candidates were Ethan and Tristan, but let’s be real, am I a Tristan?

Do you have zeal?

I used to get this so much that it’s the single biggest reason I don’t use that name any more.