Hi. Name's Adam, but they call me Zeal.

I attend the College of William and Mary, graduating spring 2020. I study computer science and linguistics.

I like language

I speak B1 Japanese, German, and Chinese on the CEFR scale. What that means is I’m conversational, but just barely so. I speak them like pie crust - the foundation is there, but it’s flaky.

As Professor Dan Parker’s research assistant I work with a ACT-R model of sentence processing - basically, I use computers to figure out what happens in your brain when you hear a sentence.

I do computery stuff

I do webdev, I lean front-end and I like making websites usable and neat-looking.

This site is built on Jekyll.


I am capable of other things

I do 2D animation and motion graphics in Adobe After Effects, Premiere, and Photoshop. Portfolio

I’m the 16th best Just Dance player in the United States (not kidding).

I can be contacted

I’m @theycallmezeal on Twitter and /u/theycallmezeal on Reddit.

I’m occasionally on IRC. Ping tcmzeal on freenode.

Here’s what I look like:

Me enjoying a delicious beverage