Hi. Name's Adam, but they call me Zeal.

I studied linguistics and computer science at the College of William & Mary.

I like language

My linguistic interests are split between:

Advised by Dan Parker, I researched how information is stored in and retrieved from memory during sentence comprehension using computational and behavioral methods.

I’m B1-ish (CEFR scale) in Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and German. That’s conversational but crunchy. I like to say I speak them like pie crust - the foundation is there, but it’s flaky.

I do computery stuff

I do software development. I lean web; within that I lean frontend. I like making websites usable, accessible, and neat-looking.

I actively use Vue for frontend; Django, Flask, or node.js for backend; and Jekyll for static site generation, like on this website.


I am capable of other things

I do animation. In 3D I use Maya; in 2D you can’t go wrong with After Effects and Premiere. Portfolio

I like Just Dance a stupid lot, both as a source of visual inspiration and for, well, dancing. In 2017 I was the 16th best Just Dance player in the United States.

I like cooking. Here are some recipes I’ve written.

I can be contacted

I’m @theycallmezeal on Twitter and /u/theycallmezeal on Reddit.

Here’s what I look like:

Me enjoying a delicious beverage